The Organic stores are leveling up their retails sales and distribution. As a result, it’s time to adopt modern technologies for their supply chain management.

Do you think nature stores should start depending on the modern technology of Supply Chain Management? F&V industry has a unique requirement and most are addressed by RHBUS Application.

There are some common problems which are faced frequently those might be high perishability of the greens, fruits, and vegetables, quick time around from harvest to delivery end customers, and so on.

Lets us tell you how problems can be confronted using a ERP for retail

1. LOT Management Tracking: Track your stock right from Procurement to Multiple sales channels in your business by LOT management system. RHBUS  Lot System helps in tracking an exact lot of each product and helps in showing the aging of the product & helps to manage the stock in the FIFO method.

2. 100% monitoring of stocks: Knowing the actual stock received from the supplier and compare with the ordered qty place in the Purchase order helps in tracking the vendor/supplier KPI’s. RHBUS status dashboard will help the purchaser to see the status of the Purchase order on Goods Received partial or received incomplete.

3. Bin level management of stocks: Tracking the stock up to the storage unit level will give enormous control on the physical stock availability & managing of product visibility at the time of pick or transfer the stock to store, & know your product’s shelf and expiry days of the stocks in their respective locations, zones, shelves, storage unit wise will help in the reduction of wastage.

4. Omni sales channels management:  RHBUS is a True omnichannel with Manage multiple sales channels (includes POS, E-com, B2B, third e-com party sales) in one platform for order management and tracks real-time stocks on hand.

5. Third-party item code management: Integrate the third-party item codes with the RHBUS application will help in the reduction of error in entering the item code and time consumption by the bulk import of sales order.

6. UOM conversions: Unit of measure is characterized for base stock buying and selling, RHBUS is defined in such a way that, user can buy the products in KG and sell in PACK, the system will auto convert the orders and auto adjust the stock based on the order.

Example: Purchase stocks in i.e., KGS, BOX, BUNDLE, etc, and these can be sold in EACH, UNIT, PACK, etc

7. Batchwise bulk sales invoice: RHBUS has a built-in batch conversion of multiple sales orders to warehouse pick and to sales invoice. This helps in processing the E-commerce & B2B orders.

8. Connecting weigh scale while shipping:  RHBUS has designed to reed the barcode from the weighing scale to capture the Weigh of the products before shipping to the customer and generate an invoice for the same as shipped qty.

9. RHBUS API: integration with shipment partner, Prepaid cards & Payment gateways helps in building the business to the next level.

10. Wastage tracking: With RHBUS segmentation, the User can track the wastage of stocks at the warehouse, Loss in transfer from the warehouse to store, and daily wastage at each store. 

11. Shelf life of the product: keeping track of the Product is very crucial for reducing wastage, Customer satisfaction & improve the healthy supply chain.

12. RHBUS Built-in Warehouse: Management has fun agility to Transfer from the warehouse to stores & another warehouse, which helps in tracking the actual stock availability in all the locations and increases the accountability of the users as every action in RHBUS is tracked by their user id and time stamp.

13. POS for retail: Retail POS is one of the Fast check-out of customers by scanning items increases the throughput of customers at the cash register. At busy times this reduces the chances of a customer seeing a long line and not making a purchase,

14. Loyalty plan: RHBUS built-in loyalty earns & for burning the Loyalty points by just scanning the QR Code in the customers’ mobile. RHBUS also comes with Coupon Management, Deal Management, and Promotion Management.

RHBUS is a saas-based application built for real-world problems, implemented for products of the soil stores, #greengrocer, or natural food stores (F&V). Regardless of whether customers own a solitary store or a chain of stores, RHBUS administers your retail tasks & Inventory.

Having Centralized Inventory Management For Omnichannel Sales Will Give Always A Competitive Advantage.

Using Retail software is a need or a want in this fast-moving transition world.

Retail software plays a very important role in keeping track of all the activity, not just purchase and sales but the product aging which helps in reducing Deadstock and stock which is blocking the working capital.

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