Inventory Management

Effective merchandising and inventory are the key functionalities to be successful in retail & wholesale business. RHBUS gives you the end-to-end, real-time stock visibility by locations to get more efficient, better margins and smarter sales Inventory management makes it simpler on mobile devices: Now manage all your inventory processes in the laptop or on hand-held devices. Empower your staff to effectively handle all inventory processes, including Goods receipt, picking, Warehouse movement, warehouse transfer, Physical stock counting & stock changes and label ordering on mobile devices. Rhbus comes with Inventory planning along with the Automatic and Manual replenishment including forecasting the automatic replenishment function in Rhbus simplifies item distribution and planning, this helps in the replenishment for the goods which Is below the reordering point, and results in lowers item stock cost and provides a higher level of item availability in all of your warehouses and stores. Basic inventory planning solution also calculates safety stock levels basing on variations in sales, to achieve optimal inventory levels. RHBUS helps in Inventory visibility across the channels of your Organization which provides numerous benefits:
  • More accurate forecasting
  • Higher conversion of customers
  • Increased efficiency by showing exact storage unit code
  • Reduced stock levels using auto minimum replenishment quantity based on sales
  • Increased demand fulfilment
  • Greater supply chain transparency
  • Smarter resource allocation