Access RHBUS over Internet

Rhbus Browser based vanad ERP application provides the best industry practices. This helps in having complete control on the operations of the organization, right from the purchase to warehouse management till the sales to financial management Reports.

You can use this on any device laptop, desktop, tab or mobile, control the user access with role-based setup and approval levels, what user can see and use.

Payments based on usage, you maybe any type, size or business.

Other benefits of adopting a Rhbus subscription-based ERP software

Try new features & functionality with no or low risk of up-front investment

Vanad ERP gives you a flexibility more than just volumes of licenses. Vanad ERP now comes with many features, options, services and integrations than before. But not every business need every feature until you try. Vanad gives you the full functionality of the ERP with the lowest number of licencing, if this works for you, buying a bigger licence package. Subscription based ERP model allows you to buy only what you need and then scale as you grow.

Enjoy the privilege

Subscription-based pricing is on the no of users, pay for what you use is convenient and also you have access to up-to-date products all the time. You won’t have to wait for installing updates, as it is cloud based software. Stay assured that all the users are using the same version of the software. Also, using this model allows for a more agile implementation cycle and faster time to value.

Get the most out of it

Vanad comes with the powerful and complete functionality of an ERP system, which matches the requirement of small and medium companies, you may be in trading, retails or wholesale & distribution.

Rhbus Sales partners help you in providing dedicated training and implementing for your team with minimal cost. Which helps you to utilise the application to its best.

Eliminate capital expenditure

Vanad ERP helps you in saving the capital expenses and blocking the working capital of you small and medium business. Up-front investing on the ERP and pay for what you use savings is the main driver of subscription model being a hit in businesses. Vanad ERP helps you moving  software expenses from a capital to an operating expense.

Upgrade as and when you required

The number of people never remains constant in a company. As the strength changes, so does the need for number of licenses. You can match your software needs to your business performance on a monthly basis. You can add or remove users as the company grows.

Need help on switch to a subscription based ERP software?

Rhbus dedicated sales partners help you in the journey of migrating from the older accounting package or ERP to the subscription based ERP with updated functionality. Using our powerfull tools to migrate it would be a clean and structured migration process. This promotes greater flexibility, modernization, and agility for the consumer and probable income streams for the business. Rhbus training partners will help you in make your people ready. Any change in a company you need to ensure your people are ready,

For more on how we can help your business move to a subscription-based ERP pricing model, please contact us today


Financial Management

Complete AP, AR, Costing and G/L functions. Financial process and documents’ format as per local regulatory requirements.


Cross-platform RHBUS POS and RHBUS Mobility. Sales Reports generated with simple 2 clicks.

Wholesale / Trading

Can handle both Whole Sales and Consignment Sales. Easy-to-use Import Template making orders management very flexible.


Efficient and streamlined Purchasing Process. From Purchase Quote to Payments.


Simple yet detailed Quantity & Cost information. Easy & user friendly interface, but with minute detail down to which shelf the item is kept.


Receive, Pick, Ship, Transfer & Move without loses. Seamless integration with hand-held devices and desktops.


RHBUS Production Planning is one of the key modules in ERP and deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, material planning, execution of sales order to production order, bill of material and goods movement.


Help in tracking the shipped product out of the store or warehouse, this records the informant of Driver, trick, shipping address and the Shipping number. Also delivery status can be recorded for future reference.


Omni-channel is the new way of retail, customers want to shop using an e-commerce, mobile device and expect all channels to be integrated.