Purchase Management

Monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs): of Vendor delivery, managing inventory, pre-plan purchasing and distribute retail items from the Head office

Purchase order generation can save hours of manual writing of purchase orders and ensure timely ordering and receiving of merchandise, thereby increasing in stock on desired items. Rhbus System will track the purchase order against the actual goods received

Purchase order receiving can save time and expenses on receiving an order into the store. By receiving by exception, a retailer can expedite the receiving process and ensure that the proper price is placed on the item. Receiving systems send data to ticket printers so pricing is faster and more accurate. TTS (Time to Shelf) is reduced dramatically so merchandise is available for sale sooner.

Purchase orders and order confirmations can be executed via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Retailers who use this function can save considerable time and money by transmitting their orders directly to suppliers who then return an order confirmation that can tell the retailer when and if they will get the products ordered (if they cannot get the products they can replace the order with another vendor or for another item which can dramatically reduce out of stocks). Many vendors today will accept email purchase orders and confirm availability within days.