Our platform contains a range of data capture technologies designed to help you import your existing data or build up your data capture capabilities.


Smooth enough to set up for your customers, and detailed enough for you to get closer to them.


Loyalty solutions should be simple for both you and your customers.


A customer relationship management (CRM) program is an extremely useful tool for your business.


Receipt scanning is a popular way of gaining 1st party customer data for many businesses.


If you’re using your loyalty program to better understand your customers, you probably want to be able to sync it up with the data collected by your CRM software.

Loyalty Engine

VOUCH loyalty engine is an event and AI driven system. VOUCH loyalty engine is specifically designed to mirror real-world interactions between your business and customers through a continuous stream of events. These events can encompass various actions such as customer purchases, feedback submissions, geofence entries, or content interactions. By leveraging this stream of events, you can gain profound insights into your customers

Through our flexible rule engine, you have the freedom to assign any type of reaction to these events. This means that each event can trigger a wide range of reactions, from awarding ten points to customers for every transaction they make to sending personalized notifications when they write product reviews.

  • Loyalty engine has two components
  • Core Module
    - Loyalty plans, Rewards, Redeems and Member management

    - AI driven customer pattern, hyper-localization and recommendation system

Customer Interface

VOUCH provides number of ways that your customers can interact with your loyalty program.

  • Mobile App

    A Web-Based App Designed for End Users, Optimized for Handheld Devices. While VOUCH also offers a native app, the web-based app is used to avoid the issue of client having to register with the Play Store or App Store. The app is flexible in terms of its appearance, allowing customer to customize the logos and colors to match their brand. However, the UX and features of the app remain consistent for all clients and end users. VOUCH will be made available through customer domain.

  • VOUCH loyalty SaaS solution comes with a versatile loyalty API (application programming interface) that empowers your current infrastructure or front-end.Built with an API-first approach, our system allows seamless interaction through API connections, eliminating the need to develop a new application or website from scratch.

    By adopting API-Centric technology, the frontend and backend are decoupled, streamlining operations and removing dependencies. While implementing this architectural shift requires time and effort, it empowers you to effortlessly manage your current modules and seamlessly integrate new ones, such as a loyalty program or a mobile storefront, into the headless system